The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul.
I consider this work realist because I paint what I see either from life or photographs (as in
my portraits). If others have difficulty putting my paintings in this category they might agree to
call the work journalistic because my desire to report and depict what is before my eyes far
outweighs any impulse to interpret or invent it. You could say "some eyes!" My teacher Bob
Keyser who painted biomorphic surreal abstractions also claimed that he was painting what
he saw.

The clash of cultures high and low, European, American, Middle Eastern, Asian and their
connections and intersections engage me as does still life, figure, figurines, tchotkes,
puppets and the domestic, natural and commercial worlds. Modernism, the Renaissance,
the Baroque and Japanese wood block prints have helped to shape my artistic point of view.
The study of Chinese QiGong informs my philosophical outlook and these eyes.
Artist Statement